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nueva york [Jul. 20th, 2006|04:25 pm]
was a very good time. what did i do, you ask? well, our plane got in at one in the morning on monday, and i was starving because i was too cheap to buy the snackboxes offered on the flight. so my parents and i walked a couple of blocks to a korean grocery store and bought yogurt-covered raisins and smart puffs. it was awfully humid, despite it being the middle of the night.

i slept in the next morning, and once i woke up asked where i could buy some stamps and mail some very late thank you notes. they told me to go to the corner of prince and greene, and so i went there, only to find it had been converted into an apple store (where i took a peek at the pretty new macbooks). i then met my parents for lunch at odeon, where i had my favorite frisee salad. afterwards, they showed me their recently purchased apartment, located on duane street in tribeca (only feet away from where i took my first step). they may be stalking me, but it's not all bad...the place is really beautiful. i then when to buy a drink, and was mistaken for nickelodeon pre-teen star, emma roberts, by a lady who wanted an autograph for her daughter. later on that evening, after a long nap, i met up for dinner with my good friend kiera newmark and her friend jess. they couldn't have been more british, and spent most of the evening complaining about america and the weather among other things.

on tuesday i had some adventures with my good friends lissie thomas and daniel goldberg, all of which related to tea. we also went to evolution and tried to decide what items (freeze-dried rats, horse-hair, etc.) would best freak out our future roommates. that evening my parents and i went to see rita star in chicago, and she was very amazing. truly funny and great and had every dance move perfect. afterwards we had dinner with rita and a group of canadian comedians (basically half of the cast of SCTV). they were very hillarious.

and then yesterday i hung out with met up with my good friend dea. we took the subway uptown and walked across central park to the met, where we saw an exhibit about intense british fashion. it included the union jack coat that bowie wears on the cover of earthling, and it was pretty awesome indeed. we then subwayed back downtown, to the lower-east side, where i had never been before. dea introduced me to this fantastic neighborhood, which had very nice clothing. we also met a very interesting israeli named apollo braun. i was then brought back to where my parents were meeting, and shook hands with stephen sondeheim (!!). he was very kind and it was very exciting, as i consider him a complete and utter genius. my parents then dragged me to look at medicine cabinets and we had vietnamese food. and then we had to run to make our flight.

i'm sorry, that was very detailed. but i did have a wonderful time. and i believe more wonderful times are ahead...i'm about to meet up with mattie, and then i'm going to comic-con with sam this weekend (!!). i also have plans to meet masha's new puppy, umka, and take her and maggie on a walk by the beach. i also sense some beatle parties in the future, and some good project runway.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2005|12:40 pm]
friends only.
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